Traditional carpentry and joinery services you can trust

Why choose WM Carpentry?

When you choose to hire the WM Carpentry team for your carpentry and joinery needs, you are guaranteed quality customer service and a fantastic end product.

We work on the principles of delivering exceptionally built timber products, within budget and to the specified time frame.

We’ll always deliver carpentry and joinery solutions that are functional, cost-effective, and built using the traditional techniques that are the backbone of the industry.

We remain one of Basingstoke’s leading carpentry sub-contractors, and will provide a range of services spanning commercial joinery, architectural joinery, and more.

Over the years, we’ve had many happy customers that have returned for more work – and it’s easy to see why when our dedication to quality and a great finish is unwavering. From housing developments to home improvements, we can undertake projects of all kinds, just get in touch to discuss your needs.

Bespoke woodwork

Some of our most popular services include the following:

Timber frames

Spanning both wall and floor panel assembly, our timber frame services encompass every style and size of plan. Whether it’s a simple, modern home or a complex build, there’s no timber frame project too big or small for our team to take on.


We’re proud to be able to work on a number of joist solutions, such as metal web joists, traditional joists, and more. We’ll work tirelessly to provide the optimal choice of joist for your needs.


Specialists in cut roofs, we also offer other roof carpentry and joinery services, including smart roofs and trussed roofs. Our roofing solutions will always be functional, economical, and constructed using incredible skill and quality materials.

First fix

First fix carpentry services provided by our team include windows and window boards, staircases, exterior doors, noggins, floating floors, studwork, and more.

Second fix

Second fix carpentry services provided by our team include staircase components, pre-formed sets, mouldings, skirtings, low level boxings, and more.

Call us now on 07920 201972 to discuss our services in more detail or to arrange a consultation with a professional from our team.

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